Cross-channel media reach management

Cross-channel media placement solutions, optimize cross-media budgets and make you surprised with advertising.

  • Reliable cross-channel insights
    Reliable cross-channel insights

    Professional K-degree crossover statistical algorithm, providing the industry's most accurate and rich cross-channel advertisment effectiveness evaluation.

  • Find the best media mix <br/><br/>
    Find the best media mix

    Connecting multiple key media in various counties and cities in Taiwan, we can select the unique and optimal solution for you from the complex combination of traditional media and online media.

  • Reaching the mean value of the effect curve
    Reaching the mean value of the effect curve

    Compare the brand's own launch effect with the overall effect of the industry, find room for optimization, and understand the distribution of the overall industry launch trend.


    Gain insight from cross-channel marketing effectiveness and help you make the best decisions in the complex media landscape.

  • Professional and customized reaching effect curve calculation
    • Professional and efficient
      The automated system can replace the manual calculation of the arrival curve quickly, and use the cloud computing to improve the computing speed and synchronous batch computing to improve the efficiency.
    • Multi-platform
      Including the four major terminals of PC, mobile, PM and OTV, extend to the whole Internet platform.
    • Multi-industry
      Covering nearly 20 industries including food and beverage, beauty, medicine and health care.
    • Multiple regions
      Full coverage of large, medium and small regions, comprehensive coverage of provinces and cities, and high batch computing efficiency.
    • Multiple targets
      Any combination of gender and age can target audience precisely.
  • Complete and accurate database, one-stop comprehensive mastery
    • The accumulation of massive data
      Six years of data sample library accumulation, design a new solution at the big data level.
    • Wide area coverage
      Covering all regions in Taiwan and 11 overseas markets.
    • Algorithm Accuracy
      The market-leading probability space algorithm and IGRP system are rigorous and scientific, and the algorithm logic is more reasonable.
    • Survey data update
      Continuously update sample database every year to ensure consistent customer experiences and habits.
    • Integrate viewership data across channels
      Consolidate traditional TV and digital connected TV data to provide more accurate data.

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