Social Listening and Analysis

Capture the market trend in real time, making brand strategy thinking and judgment more accurate, efficient, and time-saving.

  • Leading Web Crawler Technique
    Leading Web Crawler Technique

    Extract the most valuable information through powerful and all-inclusive social data crawling and natural language processing.

  • Comprehensive Social Media Data
    Comprehensive Social Media Data

    Covering Facebook, PTT, Instagram, Dcard, major forums, and news media, providing a full range of social analysis tools to help you keep up with trends.

  • Aesthetic Infographics
    Aesthetic Infographics

    Export visual charts that are both aesthetically pleasing and readable, so that the data is not only easy to understand, but also more pleasant.

  • Multi-level product feature permissions
    Multi-level product feature permissions

    Providing a multi-level payment model. Enterprises can tailor the required services according to their needs in the most exact budget.

  • Customized Project Report
    Customized Project Report

    Bring together a professional development and analysis team to analyze the problem in depth for you and customize the community insight reports that your business needs.


    Overlook the comprehensive public opinion volume, gain insight into the market, and act fast.

  • Gaining insight of brand performance
    Diving deep into the brand share of voice on social media and planning a zero dead angle marketing strategy
    • During the campaign planning stage, marketers can anticipate consumer dynamics and formulate marketing strategies using the campaign name or keyword, relevant hashtags, slogans, and industry buzzwords provided by Ln(Social).
    • Brand owners can change the marketing direction and position at any time during the campaign.
    • Integrate data before, during, and after the campaign to understand the results and make more accurate judgments on the next campaign.
    LnData invented the "News Influence" calculation index, which differs from our competitors. Ln(Social) does not measure the media effectiveness based on the number of exposed articles in news reports but considers the traffic size of various news media platforms, which can more accurately reflect the effectiveness of the media.
  • Know thyself, every-victorious
    • Understand the social market share rate of the brand through Share of Voice.
    • According to the needs of the enterprise, multiple competing brands can be monitored at the same time. Grasp the trend of competitors in real time, and make a more acute understanding of the changes in the industry's peak and low peak periods, so that you can seize the opportunities better than your opponents
  • Crisis Assesment Automation
    • Master the prime time before a topic trend emerges, and pay attention to the content and communication abilities of key opinion leaders (KOLs) in community posts.
    • LnData{Social} generates reports that inform users about what their target audience is talking about their business.
    • It functions as an early warning system that alerts users to positive and negative changes in how their brand is perceived online.
  • The most comprehensive Key Opinion Leader Evaluation System
    • Unlike other products on the market that only look at the number of basic fans, the number of likes and other single metrics, LnData has designed a more complete evaluation system 'KII' in KOLs analysis, combining quantitative and qualitative analysis, which can provide richer dimensions to comprehensively evaluate KOLs effectiveness.
      • KII – KOLs Impact Index
        1. Combined with content performance, interaction quality, brand mention and other indicators, comprehensively evaluate the cooperation performance of opinion leaders, and more accurately and intuitively analyze, predict and evaluate the effectiveness of endorsements.
      • Brand/KOLs Personality The degree to which brand personality is matched to the personality of the opinion leader.
        1. Semantic analysis is used to depict the respective images of the brand and the opinion leader in the minds of consumers, allowing users to compare the suitability of KOLs and brands to find the most perfect spokesperson for their business.
    • Customized professional community reports
      • Don't have time and personnel to operate the system? Or want to gain more professional insights? No problem, LnData has prepared data analysis team for you. Professional data analysts and data scientists will complete the in-depth insight reports for you.
      • Export reports based on customized needs. You only have to purchase the analytics results needed.
      • Divided into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and other payment models to meet your brand needs
      • You will receive more than a report. Our analysis team will provide in-time presentation and professional advice.

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