How can companies achieve digital transformation through data middle platform?

The goal of the Data Middle Platform (DMP) is to break down all data barriers, unify the internal and external data of the organization, and realize the collection, management and application of all business data within the organization through a powerful one-stop platform, which greatly improves the efficiency of enterprise data processing. Get the most out of your data to drive true digital transformation.

How can it be used?

The data middle platform has unlimited application possibilities, and there are different application scenarios in different industries. The data middle platform can be used from marketing, sales, production to logistics, etc. The following are the core functions and concepts of the data center:


LnData DMP, leverage all of your data

  • End-to-end data services
    End-to-end data services

    One-stop platform to optimize the process from data collection to application

  • Automation

    Automate data production, development, maintenance, operation, and application through DataOps

  • Transparency

    Make it easier for users in the enterprise to find available data and control permissions for sensitive data

  • Centralized

    Unified management of data assets to break down data silos between enterprise departments

  • Friendly for non-developer
    Friendly for non-developer

    Allow non-developers to develop and access data through SaaS platform and low code design

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How to use data to drive business growth smartly?